April 9, 2008



Location: 1716 Charles St, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-251-9994

I always wondered where parents with kids can go to eat with other friends and not have to worry about their children... is there such a place other than McDonald's? Good news my friends, there is!

There is a place that is open concept, has a play area for kids, tables all around for everyone and great food to boot. The Urban Diner sums it up well by stating "If you don’t have kids, it might be tricky getting the gravity of a place like this, but trust me, it’s like seeing cows jump over the moon." I don't have kids but I like good food and I appreciate what a place like this has to offer. A place like LITTLE NEST.

My wife had been to LITTLE NEST with a friend and loved the food, when she suggested we go their again, I was a bit hesitant (again - no kids) but I am always up for a good meal. The place was a madhouse, a controlled madhouse but a madhouse nonetheless. Kids everywhere, playing & laughing (no crying thankfully), the tables were full and there was a line-up at the cashier. We finally got seated and the girls got up to order some eats while Bill took his kids to the "play area" so I just sat back and soaked in what was happening around me. Everywhere I looked, there were young parents, relaxed and smiling, eating or playing with their kids who were also grinning ear-to-ear and all around... fantastic foody smells.

A waitress came by to wipe down our table and I asked her "what's the deal with this place" and she told me "Mary the owner wanted a place for parents that was kid friendly and dealt in good organic, fair trade foods". Looks like they succeeded.

The gals came back and despite the loudness of children everywhere we were able to have a good conversation. The coffee arrived (yummy extra large Americanos) and then came the food, a fantastic Cauliflower Soup served in the biggest bowl I have ever seen and a delicious Prosciutto, Cambonzola & Fig Sandwich... wow, did that hit the spot.

I was pleasently surprised by my experience at LITTLE NEST, not by the fantastic food, which truly it was but by how little the number of playing children didn't distract from my meal. This is a great little casual cafe with affordable prices just off of Commercial Drive that deserves a look whether you have kids or not. But if you can't take "kiddie chaos" I suggest visiting during non-peak hours.

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