April 7, 2008



Location: 2095 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-696-9997
Website: ME & JULIO

As a man with a Mexican stepmother, I have a great love of Mexican food, classic or modern, texmex or authentic, I love it all. What I truly admire however is when someone or some place takes a well-known Mexican dish and turns it on its head and makes it “loco”. Take ME & JULIO for example, here’s a little joint that calls itself a “modern Mexican cantina” and does a fantastic job of delivering classic dishes with a new twist.

I have now eaten at ME & JULIO’s three times, once for dinner and twice for brunch and all three times I have been incredibly impressed with my meals. Their Guacamole is always spicy & citrusy at the same time and you get the bonus addition of some Star Anise-kissed Black Bean Dip every time you order it, the Ceviche is extremely fresh, the Calamare Salad (with squid & chorizo) is sensational, the Shrimp & Avocado Benedict is richly satisfying and their Sangrias (red & white) are worthy of another round. Lets put it this way, I will be going back.

Open for both Dinner & Brunch (on weekends), ME & JULIO lives up to its name as a "Modern Mexican Cantina". The vibe is alive, the d├ęcor is entertaining and the staff is fun. The drinks are large & potent and the meals are always rich & flavorful, ME & JULIO is a welcome addition to the foody adventures of Commercial Drive. I can’t wait for summer to hit so I can enjoy a meal and a drink on the patio.

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