May 15, 2008



Location: 903 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-568-6768
Website: STIX

So last night, the wife and I were feeling lazy and wanted to grab something quick to eat. We have walked by STIX on the Drive before and always commented that we should give it a shot some time. Last night was the shot and I am pleased that we tried it, we will be going back.

STIX sells itself as a "noodle & grill" joint fusing together chinese, malaysian & vietnamese flavours with a contemporary flare in a casual setting. Like a cafeteria, you order you meal at one end of the kitchen and pick it up at the other. We tried their namesake appy, The Stix (spiced & grilled skewers or chicken and pork), the Malaysian Chicken Curry (mild yellow curry on rice or noodles) and the Beef Ball Soup (Vietnamese Pho), we also had two awesome Vietnamese Coffees and two bottles of water. The total bill came to $25.00... not bad.

The flavors were all good, the portion size was ample and both of us left feeling full and satisfied. It took about 10 minutes altogether to get our food and it was busy in there so they seem to have their cooking times running smooth.

If there was a downside to the STIX experience, it's a small one... their self-promotion. I asked to a Take-out menu, they said they were out and printing them up. I asked for a business card, they said that they were also being printed up. I asked if they had a website, they do but its no more than a title page. STIX has only been around for a few months but come on, let's do some marketing people!

Regardless, if you are looking for cheap & casual Asian eats on the Drive, look no further than STIX. Great flavor and great value are two great reasons to be coming back for more.

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