May 23, 2008



Location: 1030 Davie St, Vancouver (& other locations)
Telephone: 604-893-8372

People know that Vancouver is quite the coffee town, we take our coffee seriously but what they may not know is that this is also quite the "Burger Town" as well. There are a ton of choices for people like FATBURGER, HAMBURGER MARY'S, RED ONION and MODERNE BURGER but consistently, the #1 choice seems to be VERA'S BURGERS.

Now I am a meat eater and I have eaten at all the places mentioned above more than 5 times and each of these places have had highs and lows. But out of them all, I am consistently satisfied with my meals from Vera's. Now let's look at some of the favorites: The BBQ Burger (Provolone, bacon, fried onions & BBQ sauce), The Stinger (Jalapenos & Chedder) and ofcourse The Lamb Burger. They also have chicken burgers, hot dogs, wings, salads and all the toppings you could think of but they live by their burgers and they have been alive for a long, long while.

Today I went to the Davie Street location for lunch and only waited 30 seconds to order, the gals behind the counter (the staff today was all female: cashier, bun prep, grill, stock, dishes) were super friendly and always used your first name when talking (you give your name so they know who to call when the burger is ready). You get to choose what you want on it then wham, they go about cooking it up right there. You wait about 10 minutes but you are rewarded with one of the tastiest and filling meals around, today I had the BBQ Burger Deal (it came with Fries & a drink) for $9.99... sweet. The burger itself is huge and messy so be sure to have some napkins around, you might ruin your shirt but it's worth it!

There are a lot of Burger choices in this city and most of them will not let you down but if you are looking for consistent quality and great flavor then be sure to visit VERA'S BURGER SHACK and get yourself a treat. Take it from me, your belly will be smiling!

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