March 9, 2009


2507 W. Broadway, Kitsilano

Burgers are big business in Vancouver, everyone claims to have “the best burger” in town but consistently it comes down to two main competitors: VERA’S BURGER SHACK and MODERNE BURGER. I have said before that VERA’S is my #1 choice but I consistently hear great things about MODERNE so today I tried it and truth be told I still prefer VERA’S but that’s not to say that this wasn’t a good burger, it was, it just wasn’t the best.

If you’ve never been to MODERNE BURGER, the place is awesome. It’s designed like a 50’s Diner, it’s bright, it’s fun and the menu is small. Burgers, Floats, Shakes and that’s about it. It’s won numerous awards for it’s hamburgers like “Best Burger House 2007” and “Best Burger in Town 2008” and I can see why, they take their burgers seriously as they do the environment they serve it in.

I had the Moderne Steak Burger with Chedder, Fried Onions & BBQ Sauce and it was great but not the best and hears why. The BBQ sauce was too sweet with very little spice, I ordered the burger with fried onions and I got very little on my actual patty, just a few strands and finally, I found the quality and size of the meat not up to the standards set by VERA’S. The patty was small and somewhat dry. The Hand Cut Fries were great and the dipping sauce (chipotle?) is fantastic!

Now this is not to say that it was a bad burger, it wasn’t, it was great but not the best. I will definitely go back to MODERNE BURGER and give it another go because the food and the location are too cool to ignore and seriously, it's a good burger.


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