March 31, 2009


1144 Homer St, Vancouver

What a surprise, another Vancouver restaurant that is exactly the same as all the other Vancouver restaurants and by that I mean:
  1. It’s funky and cool
  2. The menu is unnecessarily wordy & complicated
  3. It’s pricey
  4. All the food tastes the same as it does in all the other restaurants.
The difference with PLAN B LOUNGE is that the food is actually good!

This lounge eatery is cool, dark walls, modern art and an extremely funky vibe, the food is pretty good too. We tried 4 dishes this evening, the Moroccan Glazed Chicken Popsicles with Parsley Coulis that was definitely the favorite of the evening, a modern twist on the chicken wing rich in flavor and perfectly crisp. The Crisp Pancetta & Nicoise Olive Risotto with Veal Demi Glace was tasty but I actually found it a bit too soupy for my liking. The Steamed Local Mussels with Pomme Frites and Grilled French Bread is always a crowd pleaser and this one was done with a nice classic saffron & white wine sauce that complimented the fresh shells perfectly. Finally, we shared the Charcuterie Plate with Olives, Pickles & Preserves, House-made Pork Pate, Crostini and assorted Fine Cured Meats, a great sharing plate filled with tasty nibbles.

Good food all around. So if you are looking for something good, then I can recommend PLAN B LOUNGE, it’s a funky & tasty joint which is always a good combination.


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