February 25, 2009


965 Granville St, Vancouver

Amongst the pseudo-bright lights of Granville Street’s Entertainment District lies the Caprice nightclub and it’s lounge-restaurant called LUX. We went there for a friends birthday dinner and trust me when I say, I will never be going back.

LUX is one of the most poorly run, overpriced, undertasting eateries I have ever been too, quite simply, LUX sux. Our party of 25 was under a two hour time limit (cause they had another party coming in at 9:15), fine, they said they would set us up in the lounge afterwards. The didn’t, the lounge was packed so after slow drinks, even slower food and everyone being pissed off, we had to leave LUX and look for another location at 9pm on a Saturday night. Luckily DUECE BUNGALOW had room for us and although I was unkind to them in a previous review, they’ve updated their menu and those who ate, loved it.

If there’s one thing I liked, it’s the room itself. This intimate 80-seat dining area features chic banquettes, candle-lit tables, and socially alluring sofas, all wrapped in the warm glow of a beautiful fireplace. Lots of white, silver and maroon highlights, it’s a good looking room. Too bad the service didn’t match the restaurant. Drinks were slow and the waitress constantly had to be reminded that we actually ordered drinks, food was even slower, so slow in fact, we had to cancel some meals because we were getting kicked out. We tried talking to the manager about the slow service and the lack of room in the lounge since we were getting kicked out of the dining room but he actually had the balls to say it was our fault. Our fault, the kitchen, bar and waitress was slow, our fault they booked another party after us, our fault they didn’t want us to spend our money there either I guess. Wow.

Now onto the food, only so-so, as it tastes like all the other food available at the other restaurants in the Granville Area. Like they all share one giant kitchen under the street with little conveyor belts up to the individual dining rooms. I had the Pulled Chicken Tacos with Mole (Maple Hills Chicken, spiced mole, pickled red cabbage & carrot, crème fraiche & gold flakes) and the BC Dungeness Crab Lollipops (Fresh crab, peppers & cilantro, lemon tarragon cream, crispy leeks, paprika garlic oil). They were both only okay, no stand out flavors, nothing memorable which is too bad as they both sound so good. Add to that that these small “share” plates were over $11 each is like an extra knife in the gut. I don’t mind paying high prices for great tapas but these weren’t great, $7 tapas at best.

As you can tell, I thought LUX was awful. I cannot believe that this place is still around when other far better places are closing their doors. The management and service were horrid, the prices outrageous and the food only decent. Small portions, big prices. Skip LUX altogether, trust me, you won't be missing a thing.


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