February 16, 2009


9604 Cameron St, Burnaby

We used to joke about the portions of Pasta at Anton’s when we were growing up. Cause it never was that tasty but it was cheap and you could stretch out the leftovers over a couple of meals. I went there once or twice but the quality of the pasta never sold me so I stopped going. Years later, my wife introduced me to ANDUCCI’S as she said it had “good big portions of pasta” so who am I to argue. We tried it out and she was right, for $15, I was given a truckload of pasta and while it wasn’t of the highest quality, it was still damn good.

There are a few ANDUCCI’S in town but this night we went to the Burnaby location and it was packed, there was a Canucks game on and all of their TV’s were showing the game. The place is dark with lots of stonework, it’s got kind of an Italian-American Milestones vibe to it and all the servers are young and busy talking to each other rather than checking in on the tables. We sat down to peruse their giant menu but really we were here for pasta so that’s the page we stuck to. ANDUCCI’S lets you choose they type of pasta you want, then the sauce combination that goes with it. Cool.

My wife ordered THE HULK WITH WHOLE WHEAT PASTA (Fresh avocado, fresh baby spinach leaves, lemon, seared mushrooms, roasted almonds, and melted goat cheese in a garlic olive oil sauce) while I had THE CARNIVORE KING WITH SPAGHETTINI (Mamma’s meatballs, capicolla, and Italian sausage in a creamy meat sauce). Both plates were gigantic, tasty and could not be finished. In my opinion, HULK was tastier than KING but KING was more filling. At lunch, they offer smaller portions for $10 but really, for $15 and this portion size, it’s two meals worth of food on one plate. Wow, that’s a lot of pasta.

I can’t comment on the other food offerings at ANDUCCI’S as I’ve only been there for the pasta but really, why else go. The price point for the portion size is right up my alley and I can forgive the blasé wait staff for being young. It’s a great place for well-priced truckloads of pasta!

As a side note, I looked up Anton’s online and realized they bumped up their prices, a plate of pasta there costs the same as a plate of pasta at ANDUCCI’S. Hmm, me thinks a Burnaby Spaghetti Smackdown is in order. Stay tuned.


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