December 14, 2008



Location: 4121 Main St, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-708-4121
Website: LOCUS

While LOCUS remains one of the staples of the Main Street Food District and usually serves up some delectable eats, this time they did not, this time, it was a disappointing meal. That being said, the service and ambiance were top notch but the food was not. Michelle opted for the Spicy Chicken Quesidilla while I went for the Duck Sausage Eggs Benny... here's the dillio.

The Quesidilla is a mix of spicy roast chicken, crisp bacon, fresh tomato white cheddar cheese in an organic whole wheat tortilla fresh cut salsa, spiked guacamole & sour cream organic green salad, sounds good right? Well it would be but the chicken chunks were gigantic making the Quesidilla awkward to cut and the cheese was so very strong, it completely overtook every other flavor in the mix, including the bacon and you don't want to mess with Bacon. As for the Duck Benny, the sausage was very gamy and greasy and I know that those are traits of duck meat but I've had duck sausage before and this wasn't a high quality one, the meat replaced the other flavors in the dish which was a shame. At least there is one constant at LOCUS and that's their thick-cut, chunky style,fried Brunch Potatoes, they still are and will always be awesome. Also the Baily's Latte is a great way to spend a few indulgent moments out from the holiday cold.

All in all, I would still recommend the LOCUS as a great place to have a bite on Main Street but this time, the meal was a disappointment. It would be fair to say that I will return but next time I will be ordering something else.

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