December 9, 2008



Location: 1079 Mainland St, Vancouver
Telephone: 604 602 0835

Opened since 2002, this 100-seat eatery has become somewhat of a staple in the hood called Yaletown, from it's open concept Kitchen to its award-winning Executive Chef John Crook, GLOWBAL has maintained a consistent vibe and clientele that sees the establishment busy every day of the week. Add to that, the 50-seat lounge AFTERGLOW located at the back of the restaurant and GLOWBAL definitely becomes one of the hot spots to visit in Vancouver.

This time around, a few of us at work decided to make GLOWBAL our holiday luncheon destination and am I glad I did, not only was the service fast & friendly but my meal and all the others were delicious!

Here's a look at what we had:
  • THE SATAY PLATTER: A giant platter filled with one of each of Glowbal's signature satays including: Garlic Jumbo Prawn, 7 Spice Ahi Tuna, Braised Beef Short Rib, Grilled BC Salmon, Mushroom Tempura, Kobe Beef Meatball, Diver Scallops, Rosemary Lamb Chops, Louisiana Fried Oyster & Ginger Brushed Chicken. They are served with Asian slaw, spiced pappadam and a trio of dipping sauces: ginger soya sauce, smoked chipotle mustard with fresh thyme & sun-dried tomato aioli.
  • KOBE MEATBALLS & SPAGHETTI: The Glowbal Signature dish and according to the hostess, the most asked for dish on the menu. 4 giant, rich meatballs served in a spicy tomato basil sauce with garlic confit and fresh parmesan cheese.
  • BRAISED SHORT RIBS WITH LINGUINE: The staff favorite according to two waiters and one of the cooks. This explosion of flavour is served with woodland mushrooms, toasted pine nuts and a light cafĂ© au lait sauce.
  • CHICKEN PARMIGIANINO: The Daily Special but no less impressive. A massive breaded Chicken Breast friend golden and served with a fresh Tomato Basil Linguine.
  • PAELLA RISOTTO: A twist on the Spanish Classic, this seafood staple comes with mussels, clams, chorizo, calamari, prawns and it's all mixed together with a saffron cream.

This was a fantastic meal, all of the dishes were extremely tasty and worth a repeat order, I should know, I tried a bite of all of them. Personally I ordered the Meatballs & Spaghetti and I wasn't disappointed, it was truly delectable, light yet filling and spiced perfectly. Paige, a co-worker had the short ribs and said "I was sad when it was over, I didn't want it to end" while Alia commented on the Chicken Parm, "wow, that was good". You can't get much better than that.

GLOWBAL will definitely be a place for me to revisit in the future. It's a small room, with a great vibe and the food that I tried this time around was great all around. I look forward to trying something different next time.


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rich johnson said...

try the brakfast there. it's amazing! you get donuts!