April 6, 2009


“$28 be damned!!!”
2551 W. Broadway St, Vancouver

Ever hear of Daniel Bouland? He’s a world renowned chef who has come to Vancouver, taken over LUMIERE and turned it into DB BISTRO MODERNE. Think traditional French cooking, New York haute cuisine and Pacific Northwest bright flavors which define a critically-acclaimed seasonal menu and uptown casual setting… at least according to their menu. I went to this new hot spot in Kitsilano for lunch and was greeted by a cool yet quiet room.

The menu is smart and lives up to its reputation, modern French with a twist, things looked good, but still pricey… then at the bottom, I saw something… something wonderful. The clouds parted, the sun shined bright, my jaw dropped and my mouth watered. It dropped because I saw a $28 Hamburger, it watered because of what was in said burger.

The Original DB Burger (a classic found in many of Bouland’s restaurants) is a thick, juicy Sirloin Burger filled with Foie Gras and Braised Short Ribs, the patty is then drizzled with Black Truffle Oil and it’s served on a homemade Parmesan Bun… are you kidding me.

$28 be damned, I had to try this burger.

I am happy to report that this burger is as good as it sounds but I never have to order it again, it is so rich I slipped into a food coma right at the table. My lunch companions tried the Coq Au Vin with Wild Mushrooms, Bacon, Pearl Onions and Spaetzle, the Country Duck Pate with Onion Compote and Whole Grain Mustard and The Caesar DB Las Vegas Salad with Parmesan Crisp, Avocado, Anchovy Dressing & Garlic Crouton. All the food was good but seriously, you gotta try this burger. Sirloin? Short ribs? Foie Gras? Truffle Oil? I must be dreaming!!!

DB BISTRO MODERNE has successfully shaken off the past of LUMIERE with it’s new colorful look, tempting menu and a $28 burger that is worth a shot just to say you had it. It is pricey, it is rich and it may cause a heart attack but as you die you will definitely be smiling!


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