April 13, 2009


101 Main St., Vancouver

I love me some Diner grub, I love the somewhat simple look and décor and the greasy spoon food that you can find at a local diner. One of my favorite Food TV shows is “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” not only because it showcases these types of joints all over America but also because it showcases that the food at these joints can also be top notch. Take FOG CITY DINER in San Francisco, it’s a train car Diner but the food is outstanding and the staff all wear white coats and ties. That doesn’t sound like a “greasy spoon” to me. Well Vancouverites, now we have a higher end Diner in “Railtown” (that area next to Gastown, across from Jerktown I think) from the makers of COBRE, called DEACON’S CORNER.

Located on the corner of Main & Alexander, across from the ALIBI ROOM, there once stood a dilapidated café that no one would ever go to because of the substandard food and cleanliness issues. Well, thankfully that has all changed and now there stands a cool 65-seat eatery that's a cross between a Diner and a Café and is bright, clean, friendly and ofcourse, filled with good food.

I met my friend Sarah there, who has been frequenting DEACON’S for a while since she works in the area and we had some late breakfast. Sarah had the Corned Beef Hash & Eggs (with Toast) while I tried the Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs (with Country Gravy, Hashbrowns & Toast). Both meals were gigantic, tasty and not at all greasy, in fact they were light and fresh despite the heaviness of the actual meal. I was stuffed and satisfied afterwards and unlike most Diners, I didn’t have a stomach ache a few hours later.

I would heartily recommend DEACON’S CORNER for breakfast or lunch, they have an ample menu, big portions and great flavors to choose from. The room is bright, the staff is friendly and the coffee is good… what more could you ask for from your local “Diner”?


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