January 26, 2009


1039 Mainland St, Yaletown

Wow, this place is pumping! We were there on a Friday night and SECTION (3) was packed with more and more people always coming in. I wish I could say it was for the food, alas, it wasn’t. Mediocrity reigns at SECTION (3) as my Wild Mushroom Pizza was “warm” at best, the Cheese Quesadilla was “dull” and the Butternut Squash Gnocchi was “missing” that’s right, even though we ordered it, it never came, we had to ask for it “twice” before it arrived and needless to say, it wasn’t worth the wait. Add to that, the servers all looked like they slept in their clothes and were frankly pissed off that it was so busy and they had to actually work. I swear I never saw one person, from the hostess, to the waiter, to the busser, to the bartender “smile” the entire evening. The final nail in the coffin was when they didn’t remove the gnocchi from the bill, we still had to pay for it, even though we had to wait so long to eat it.

I’m sorry, for these kind of prices and that kind of service, SECTION (3) is not worth a return visit. It may be a weekend hot spot for drinks and ambience but the lackluster food and awful service will make me think twice before returning for another visit.


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