November 10, 2008


Location: 1137 Marinaside Cr, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-488-0555


There are a ton of great burger joints in this city and while I have favorites like VERA'S BURGER SHACK or MODERNE BURGER, sometimes you come across a restaurant that has some tasty "hockey pucks". One such place is HURRICANE GRILL in Yaletown, while they offer a cornucopia of choices, I do love their burgers.

The menu is huge, perhaps too huge, they have a lot to offer and I'm sure if an eatery like this were ever on "Restaurant Makeover" the chef would cut have of the options out! Nevertheless, there is something here for everyone but a co-worker and I decided to stick to the meat so we ordered Wings and Burgers.

According to the menu, you Gotta Do the "Wing Thing" so that's what we did, we ordered classic Hot Wings. 10 wings come complete with fries, carrot & celery sticks and dip. The Wings were crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside, I couldn't ask for much more other than a spicier Hot Sauce on the wings themselves. They needed some more kick!

As for the burgers... BOOYA! I ordered the Blue Cheese Burger (Danish Blue Cheese melted on a homemade patty with crispy bacon) while my co-worker had the BBQ, Bacon, Mozza Burger (A delicious combination). Both Burgers came with a choice of fries or salad (we both opted for Salad) and both were char-grilled giving them both that "home-cooked" taste. Both burgers came on deliciously toasted Whole Wheat Buns complete with all the fixins and the salads were fresh and tasty. All in all, a perfect tasting lunchtime burger.

With that, the HURRICANE GRILL gave me a great meal and I look forward to my next meal there. Perhaps I will try something else but it's going to be tough because I gotta tell you, I love this burger!


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