July 14, 2008



Location: 1653 Columbia St. North Vancouver
Telephone: 604-988-0038

One of the greatest well-known secrets of the North Shore is THE MARINASIDE GRILL, a little greasy spoon located virtually underneath the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge by the boat yards. What makes this little eatery so great is not the food, but the patio. It's huge, it's always busy and it's a great way to spend a few hours on a sunny day or beautiful evening.

Three of us went there for brunch this past weekend and were greeted with a 45 minute wait. Inside the restaurant was dead but outside was standing room only, people want the patio and they are willing to wait for it, as were we. I said to my friend "wow, the food must be worth it" and she said "it wasn't but the patio is". Interesting. We sat down and ordered drinks (a nice and spicy Caesar for me) then the meals. The ladies had the Grilled Chicken Salad and the Warm Scallop Salad while I took on a classic Clubhouse Sandwich, all three meals were good, nothing to write home about but still good.

My friend was right however, the patio is great. You are surrounded by boats and get a great view of the bridge from an angle you rarely if ever see. We ended up sitting there for two hours just gabbing away, enjoying the weekend sun and I can now see why this little place remains an extremely busy North Shore hideaway. THE MARINASIDE GRILL won't win any culinary awards but it's decent food made better when served on its decadent patio.


Sheri said...

We will NEVER eat there!

Our letter to them via their web address:

My husband and I were on a kid free date today and were excited to try your establishment after hearing great reviews. We arrived at your restaurant and were promptly given a table on the patio. We waited 15 minutes
without any service, although tables all around us were being served (we counted at least three waitresses on). Then there was another couple seated after us at the table beside us who had their drink order taken immediately. We were sitting right beside them and still had no service. So, unfortunately, after 15 minutes
without any service, we left. Just thought you should know we would have liked to try your food but didn't get the chance. Doubtful we would recommend you to friends.

This is the owner's email response?

Ms. Green;

This has happened to me at numerous restaurants. Well.... not exactly.

After just a couple of minutes, of being ignored, I get some one's attention and get my service.

Dha ! whada you think ?

Gerry - Owner MarinaSide Grill

PS. We serve over 100,000 meals a year. Are there the odd screw ups ? Of course.


Total JERK will not recommend this place to anyone EVER

Domestic Niner said...

This restaurant is terrible. They seated our party of three and my 3 month old baby in the restaurant. We ordered our food and drinks and after 30 minutes a lady came to our table to "admire" my daughter. After saying how cute she was she proceeded to tell us that they had a family room and that she would have to move us to it. I immediatley said that we had already been sitting here for 30 minutes and did not want to move to a family room. After all my baby had not made one peep and if she did I would have discreetly breasted her or gave her a soother. The woman who I suppose was a manager, although, she did not introduce herself other then to say her name was Marie, said that if we did not move to the family room then we had to leave the restaurant as this was their policy. Ironically we had been here with our daughter when she was 1 month old and had been told no such thing. We told her that we would never be coming back and we got up and left. I told her that I guess they did not allow breastfeeding in their restaurant either and she said, " Only in the family room." Unbelievable. We were livid. This is not a place where minors are prohibited due to liquor license requirements. We have been there before one table over with our 6 year old cousin. It was pure discrimination based on family status. Think about it. What if we were of a different race...say African American? " I'm sorry but if you don't go to the African American room you have to leave the restaurant." Canada protects people from discrimination based on various categories including family status. Each category is of equal value so this form of discrimination is equal to a any so called "offending" person being asked to sit in a sectioned off secluded area of the restaurant. This is not what I would expect in the 21st century.