June 2, 2008



Location: 2nd Floor - 1133 Robson St, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-642-6278
Website: Savory Coast

As you know, I come from an Italian family of restaurateurs so whenever I eat at another Italian restaurant, I always look at it with an extra-critical eye. Luckily, my wife keeps me somewhat grounded in these situations and asks the simple question, "is it good?" Thankfully, she was in fine form when we tried SAVORY COAST for the first time, while it focuses more on "Mediterranean fare" rather than strict Italian, I came into expecting to be somewhat disappointed. I wasn't.

SAVORY COAST is good. Very Good. So good, we've been back four times.

Located in the heart of the extremely busy Robson Street, SAVORY COAST is on the second floor so blink and you might miss a great little hideaway. One of the best features of this good looking joint, is the giant, brush-surrounded patio that makes you forget you are sitting above one of the craziest streets in the city. What makes it even better is that they serve some of the best Sangria in town (your choice of red or white) which always starts off our meals and goes down way too easily.

As for the food, fantastic. Both my wife and I have yet to taste a disappointing plate. We've had Calamari, Goat Cheese Salad, Tuna Carpaccio, Bocconcini & Tomato Salad, Penne Amatraciana, Crab Risotto, Duck & Mushroom Risotto, Grilled Tuna Steak, NY Striploin, Veal Scallopini and Prosciutto Pizza (not all in one sitting ofcourse). Each of these dishes were great, robust flavours, ample portion sizes and not too big of a hit on the wallet.

That's the beauty of SAVORY COAST, despite the fantastic locale and diverse menu, the prices are fairly reasonable for this fine dining experience. Each time we've come, we've had drinks, appies, mains and a dessert and never paid over $100. That's saying something, especially for a higher end downtown restaurant. That's why we keep coming back, it's the perfect hideaway for a fantastic meal.

It's also worth noting that it won three awards during DINE OUT 2008, Best Appetizers, Best Dessert and Best Menu... that's saying something. Something good!

So if you ever find yourself on Robson Street and want to indulge in some tasty Mediterranean cooking, then head on up to SAVORY COAST. On a sunny afternoon, with a Sangria at you side, you'd swear you were on a foody vacation.

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